Analyze sequences of DNA, RNA, and Amino Acids
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Create and edit genetic information analysis reports. Input collected or theoretical data on NA/RNA/Amino Acid sequences, then edit, copy and run standard analysis operations on the data. Apply selected tools for automated calculation of derivatives.

MiraiBio DNASIS MAX is a bioinformatics software for DNA/RNA/Amino Acid sequence analysis. DNASIS MAX bioinformatics software helps life scientists edit, annotate and analyze DNA, RNA and amino acid sequences. It includes a comprehensive set of analytical tools and can be expanded with optional homology search, multiple alignment and base calling and sequence assembly (Phred/Phrap) modules.

- Launch analyses with a single click
- Edit multiple sequences simultaneously
- Easily add sequences with the new sequence input wizard
- Import numerous file formats
- Display DNA Auto-Sequencer trace files alongside your sequences
- Homology search
- Multiple alignment
- Restriction enzyme site search
- Primer/Probe design
- siRNA design
- Design and simulate cloning experiments in silico
- Draw genetic maps for presentation and publication
- Visually search for PCR primers, restriction sites, and motifs
- View High Quality Genetic Map
- Automated Sequence Assembly
- Manage sequences, trace data, and quality values
- Phred/Phrap (Optional)
- Create custom analysis workflows
- Process a large number of sequence files simultaneously
- Scripting and Open API

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